Central Kitchen + Bar

A third place away from home and work where you can celebrate food, drink, conversations, space and ideas comfortably. We convey a strong appreciation for the boundless limits generated by Creativity, Personality and Hospitality. Fuelled by creative philosophies, and driven to make the highest quality product we encourage modern twists on familiar favourites.

Welcome to Central, we hope to C you soon!

Central $25 & $35 Menu

Phone: (250) 862-8820


Monday-Wednesday 11am-11pm

Thursday-Friday 11am-Midnight

Saturday 10am-Midnight

Sunday 10am- 11pm

Central Kitchen + Bar
1155 Ellis Street
Kelowna British Columbia
Phone: (250) 862-8820
Email: info@centralkelowna.com
Url: http://www.centralkelowna.com